Our Connective Tissue: The Body’s Tapestry - 6 CE hours

Our Connective Tissue: The Body’s Tapestry - 6 CE hours


Our Connective Tissue: The Body’s Tapestry - 6 CE hours (Tuition $130.00) -- This class is based on a fluid model to engage and nurture the aspects of our fibrous connective tissues which include joint capsules, ligaments and fascia. Fluid touch underlies our dialog with the three-dimensional quality embodied in the essential sphere of the joint capsules. Ligaments provide direction of flow for movement and respond to the process of manual approximation (shortening) and rebound to rest in their natural healthful state. Connecting into the greater global network, fascia integrates the local connective tissue structures with the spirilic global web. Refining our intention and touch allows us to contact and dialog with the myriad organization of connective tissue for specific and general integration of our body-mind.

This class is based largely on principles of Body-Mind Centering® and is aimed to help practitioners refine their somatic presence, manual applications and support somatic intelligence through skilled touch and movement. Participants learn to broaden and apply their touch and presence palettes to the modalities and protocols they already use.

We begin class with simple qigong exercise and continue with demonstration, hands-on and experiential activities. Please bring comfortable, modest clothing.

Instructor: Bob Lehnberg, NCBTMB Provider # 1372

6 CE Hours
Sunday, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM with a lunch break

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