Our Skeletal System: The Body’s Container - 6 CE hours

Our Skeletal System: The Body’s Container - 6 CE hours


Our Skeletal System: The Body’s Container - 6 CE hours (Tuition $130.00) -- The bones of our skeletal system provide leverage while serving as the container and support for our internal organs. In this course, the embodied presence of our skeletal tissue offers us opportunity to distinguish and transmit qualities of the three layers of bones. As bodyworkers, when we embody these three layers ourselves, we can provide support for our clients through clarity of form in the periosteum, strength and resilience in the compact bone, and focused vitality in the marrow.

Embryologically, skeletal tissue developed before muscle tissue and thereby provides the foundational structure for the muscles to create movement. When we inhabit our skeletal structure, the muscles can function effectively and with ease.

This class is based largely on principles of Body-Mind Centering® and is aimed to help practitioners refine their somatic presence, manual applications and support somatic intelligence through skilled touch and movement. Participants learn to broaden and apply their touch and presence palettes to the modalities and protocols they already use.

We begin class with simple qigong exercise and continue with demonstration, hands-on and experiential activities. Please bring comfortable, modest clothing.

Instructor: Bob Lehnberg, NCBTMB Provider # 1372

6 CE Hours
Saturday, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM with a lunch break

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