Philosophy and Mission Statement

The Experience of the Natural Healing Arts and Massage at The Healing Arts and Massage School

Healing From the Heart through the Art of Touch.


Everyone functions in accordance with a unique innate energetic blueprint, the Innate Intelligence.  When we are free from stress, real or imagined, healing is a natural progression of life’s experience.  Life experiences are sustained by dynamic electro, chemical, magnetic interactions that are influenced by mental, emotional and physical conditions. 

The school’s philosophy is to present an eclectic fusion of modern linear education and Socratic methods of instruction to develop awareness and proficiency of natural healing.  The mission of The Healing Arts and Massage School is to teach natural techniques by which each student can raise their self-awareness and enhance their knowledge of healing, for the benefit of self, family and society as a whole.

The Natural Healing Arts and Massage Therapy at the school is a life changing experience.  You will be empowered through self awareness, as you develop your knowledge, understanding and skill in the Natural Healing Arts.  Each class is a dynamic experience of learning about yourself and the world around you.

Everyone is invited to participate in the learning experience at any level:  Self Awareness/Improvement, Programs for Professional Licensing as a massage & bodywork therapist, and Continued Education for licensed Therapists.