Getting Specific with the Hip and Shoulder Girdles

Getting Specific with the Hip and Shoulder Girdles


Getting Specific: Hip & Shoulder Girdles - 14 CE hours (Tuition $270) -- Each morning will be a review of anatomy plus ways to have the client to actively engage muscles to isolate specific muscles in each area, making your work more efficient and effective. Afternoons include a demonstration of techniques for the hip or shoulder girdle, and then an exchange to practice and receive the work. You will leave with a better understanding of the specific muscles affecting hip and shoulder girdle dysfunction including information on more effective ways to treat sciatica and chronic neck and back pain. What to Bring: set of sheets, face cradle, oil or lotion, blanket if you get cold.

Instructor:  Melissa D. Cope

Hours: 14 CE Hours
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 5pm each day with a break for lunch.

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